Sun Aire Ductless Furnace showing filter removed for cleaning

Furnace Filter

Sun Aire™ Furnace Permanent Filter

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HVAC Filter Happy with your your central air system except for those costly filters? We also manufacture our Sun Aire line of custom and standard size permanent lifetime replacement filters for your existing central air system.

Filter Cleaning Instructions The same great filters used by our furnaces are also used in our Air purifiers. All of our filters are permanent, washable, and protected by a lifetime warranty.

Sun Aire™ Ductless Furnace Filter

By using magnetic tape, this amazing filter is completely sealed to provide maximum filtration before the air enters the unit. This filters your air as well as providing for low maintenance of your Sun Aire™ Ductless Furnace. Our lifetime washable, 0.5 micron pre-filter never needs replacing!

To Clean Your Filter:

  1. Simply remove the filter and take it to your kitchen sink.
  2. Using your sprayer, wash the filter from the magnetic tape side, spraying the water through the filter from the end without the drain holes, working your way to the end where the drain holes are located in the aluminum frame.
  3. Let the excess water drain from the filter; wipe it with a towel then return the filter to the furnace. Make sure the air flow arrow is pointing toward the heater and the magnetic tape is sealing the filter to the back of the unit. The air being drawn through the filter will continue to dry the filter.
All Sun Aire™ Products Are Proudly Made in the USA