Sun Aire Stainless Steel Finish Aire Purifier

Air Purifier

Fresh, clean air for your hotel or motel

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Purifier in use in a hotel room

Safe & EfficientOur units can safely be operated with staff in the room while they perform their duties. This saves you money by providing faster turn around time between guests.

Sun Aire air purifier on housekeeping cart

Portable & Durable Unlike other units on the market, our air purifiers are easily portable and can be taken from room to room by housekeeping staff.

Rear of the Standard, Stainless Steel Air Purifier showing the lifetime filter

Low MaintenanceThe lifetime, washable 0.5 micron saves approximately $100 - $200 per year in expensive replacement filtering media such as Hepa, Charcoal or Carbon.

Filter Cleaning Instructions The same great filters used by our furnaces are also used in our Air purifiers. All of our filters are permanent, washable, and protected by a lifetime warranty.

Air Purifier for Hotels & Motels

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Many air purifiers on the market utilize a harmful ozone process that produces nitrogen gas requiring housekeeping staff to set up and turn on the unit, leave the room while the purifier operates, and then "air out" the room before the next guest can check in.

With the Sun Aire™ Air Purifier's safe operation, housekeeping staff can perform their duties in the room while the unit is operational and upon completion of the cleaning the room is available for immediate check in. This increased efficiency saves your staff time and you money!

Our units are low maintenance due to the lifetime, washable filter rather than using expensive replacement filtering media such as Hepa, Charcoal or Carbon. This alone saves approximately $100-$200 a year depending on the type of filter used.

To further save on operating costs, the only other required maintenance is replacement of the UVC lamp every 12-18 months at approximately $48 per lamp.

Made from durable, brushed stainless steel rather than breakable plastic, Sun Aire Air Purifiers are built to last and they're made in the USA.

The Sun Aire™ Air Purifier safely destroys micro & macro organisms such as bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and fungi leaving your hotel or motel with clean, fresh air.

In addition to riding your environment of these troublesome organisms, the Sun Aire™ Air Purifier also neutralizes the offensive odors caused by smoke, pets, cooking, chemicals, carpet, paints, solvents and more.

Measuring 11"x10"x8" and weighing only nine pounds our residential unit comes in a durable stainless steel finish with a convenient carrying handle so staff can easily purify the air in each room they maintain.

Each comes with a three year limited warranty featuring a one year lamp replacement, a thirty day money back guarantee and are made in the U.S.A.

All Sun Aire™ Products Are Proudly Made in the USA